Center for Social Innovation

What does a modern bustling and car sequestered city need?

It seems that so much of our time in city centers around the world is spent within structures with a priority in monetary profits rather than building strong and resilient connections. Let us brainstorm for a moment….

Where do grand inventions and ideas blossom?

Do they ignite in coffee shops where every individual is plugged into their respective laptops, headphones in and music blaring? Perhaps.

Do they ignite in museums of grand art with sterile walls and low whispers echoing around security guarded corners? Perhaps.

Do they ignite in a world afraid of mistakes and the f-word (failure)? Doubtful.

It seems that sweeping the lessons of history, great ideas and paradigm shifts often occur in open spaces of collaboration. Spaces that nurture the movement of ideas, where people present a thought, test it, revamp, and repeat.

One example of such a space is called the Center for Social Innovation and carries that all individuals are agents of change. Sometimes all we need is a good conversation to spark our ideas back into action or even realization. Based around a theory of change, this Toronto location holds that world-changing-ideas are cultivated in nutrient rich environments combining diversity, the right environment, and observation of Growth.

The pyramid of simplicity looks something like this: 

With urban environments around the world feeling more and more stretched in means of resources, community, employment, and creative inspiration places of open resource spaces may be the greatest catalyst in transformation of our world, cities, and ourselves.

Check out the pdf:

Oh how lovely

Am I connected now? I have tried to be connected here for a little while…There are some marvelous souls now, sprouting up like promising children of the soil….lets connect, Eh?

DEEP ecology Documentary 1997

A portrait of Arne Naess, Watch full documentary here:

Principia’s First Permaculture Garden

We have arrived, the present is now, and action is alive!

The first ever Community Permaculture Garden of Principia is being pioneered by a handful of students that believe that the present time is the best time to follow their dreams.

To learn more about the garden check out:

We’re all looking forward to learning from nature…in more ways than one


Following this inspiring movie the filmmaker Dhondup Wangchen was put into Chinese political prison and one of the young girl participants dissappeared. 

SOLD PLAY- Social Justice Theater

This play is about human trafficing in Great Britian and the World!

"We went and saw it and it was an incredible example of what role theater/arts can play in raising awareness and inviting everyone to care." 

From the website:

SOLD is a politically urgent, dynamic piece of verbatim theatre that confronts the global issue of modern day slavery. Under the direction of Complicite Associate, Catherine Alexander, the ensemble has woven together this theatrical event from original interviews arranged by the Human Trafficking Foundation. The result is must-see theatre: innovative, engaging and immersive. SOLD exposes the hidden world of human trafficking looking at domestic slavery, forced labour, child trafficking and the undesirable world of the sex trade.

The following clip amounts to a jawdropping and eye dazzling response into the world of permaculture.

For an individual who has never heard of permaculture and has laughed at the possibility of growing edible forests in a desert prepare to be amazed.

Permaculture (permanent agriculture) may not be a common house hold name….yet! But it is transforming areas of the world where issues of food security permanently reside in the headlines and spark off other political issues, knocking down a domino effect that degrades the life styles of the people, the security of the nation, and the desertification of the land.

Permaculture is a radical agricultural practice when juxtaposed with our present industrial system. There is no tilling, no inputs of pesticides, of herbicides, or even fertilizers. It listens to nature and the wisdom of sustainable systems such as mature forest ecosystems and learns from them. It is a design science that observes the inherent services that a diversity of species can provide without the need to control or dominate.

Order is chaos, complex is simplicity.



*curiosity note:

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